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eBay Defect Removal

As an eBay expert, I’ll review your account & metrics to find defects, give advice, remove issues, provide ongoing support, & guarantee eBay Defect Removal with affordable pricing & fast turnaround time.

  • Review of your eBay account: As an eBay defect removal expert, I will review your eBay account to identify any defects that may be affecting your seller rating.
  • Analysis of seller metrics: I will analyze your seller metrics such as shipping time, tracking information, and customer feedback to determine the root cause of any defects.
  • Advice on best practices: Based on my analysis, I will provide you with advice on best practices to improve your seller metrics and prevent future defects.
  • Removal of defects: I will work with eBay to remove any defects that are negatively impacting your seller rating.
  • Ongoing support: I will provide ongoing support to ensure that your eBay account remains defect-free and that you are meeting eBay’s performance standards.
  • Guaranteed results: I guarantee that my services will result in the removal of defects from your eBay account, or I will provide you with a full refund.
  • Fast turnaround time: I pride myself on providing a fast turnaround time and will work quickly to resolve any defects in your eBay account.
  • Affordable pricing: My services are affordably priced, making it easy for you to get the help you need to improve your eBay seller rating.